Bryan C. Springer

Artist/Teacher in Art
Daughtrey Gallery Manager

B.A., Hillsdale College, 1994

M.F.A., Savannah College of Art and Design, 1996

Phone: 517-607-2673

Artist's Statement

My design work is a physical expression of my perception of beauty and order. I seek to balance form and function in my work, attempting to engage the viewer on an emotional level as well as communicate effectively. My goal is to engage the viewer with distinctive visible language—to inform and delight each given audience.

I work in two different media which serve me in my pursuit of what is real and beautiful. Both are very much rooted in traditional artistic philosophy. In my graphic design work, the computer enables me to meet the demands of the fast-paced business world, reach a specific audience, and express meaning through contemporary methods of image and word.

As a painter, working with the pastel medium provides me with a sensual, direct connection to my work. With pastels, my hands are my primary tools. I enjoy laboring in the physical medium as I explore color, contour, layering, and sculptural form.


Bryan Springer is an MFA graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design where he studied illustration with a concentration in the pastel medium. Springer received his bachelor of art degree from Hillsdale College, and credits his time in the Hillsdale Art Department for shaping his traditional approach to art and appreciation of classic beauty that remains the underlying current in his work today.

His professional career began in the corporate arena where he eventually rose to the level of Senior Designer/Art Director, leading an in-house marketing/creative team and contributing to the development of visual branding.

Over the past 20 years, he has engaged in a successful freelance graphic design business producing print and web marketing materials as well as developing brand identity for clients. In addition to his freelance design work, Springer produces commissioned and personal pastel paintings.

Bryan has taught courses at the Ann Arbor Art Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson, Michigan. He began teaching at Hillsdale College in 2008 where he oversees the graphic design minor and teaches graphic design, color theory, typography, the senior capstone course, and pastel painting. Springer is also director of the Daughtrey Gallery.

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