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Douglas Coon

Lecturer in Art

Staff Photographer

B.S., Western Michigan University, 1986

Phone: 517-607-2577

Artist's Statement

The nature of my photographic vision drives me to travel and explore the world around me. I have to be physically in the environment and use what it gives me, not alter it to my liking.

My challenge is to convey to the viewer both the visual and emotional sensations I experience in a medium that is largely a mechanical process that counts photons.


Douglas Coon is the instructor of photography in the Art Department of Hillsdale College. In eighth grade, Coon was introduced to photography by his science teacher Bill Vincent, sparking a life-long passion. He received a bachelor of science degree in television and film production from Western Michigan University. Coon continued his training in photography through numerous classes and workshops. Initially a film-based photographer, Coon now works exclusively with a variety of digital cameras.

In his teaching, Coon emphasizes proficiency in photographic technique, as artist merit in photography is seldom achieved using the “shoot and pray” method. In addition to his teaching duties, Coon is the staff photographer for the External Affairs Department of Hillsdale College. His work is featured in a variety of the College’s printed publications and web media.

Coon travels extensively throughout the United States and Canada capturing both natural and man-made landscape images. His work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows and is represented in galleries in Michigan and Ohio. He also works as a commercial photographer for a variety of clients. He resides in Hillsdale, Michigan.

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