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Anthony Frudakis

Associate Professor of Art

M.F.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1992

Duke University, 1973

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1975

Phone: 517-607-2581

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Artist’s Statement

I had the good fortune of growing up in a house where both of my

parents were artists who nurtured in me a love for beauty. I have

dedicated much of my time searching for and trying to give voice

to this elusive element. Early in my art studies, I recognized

kindred spirits in this love of beauty with the ancient Classical

and Hellenistic sculptors of Greece. The sculptures of the

Parthenon in particular inspired me with a wonderful balance

between the mind and the eye, what we are and what we behold,

Heaven and Earth. Another important influence on my work has

been the places where I have lived. The Jersey shore, where I

spent my summers swimming and surfing, left me with a sense

of the grace and power of the sea, while the Midwest has inspired

more grounded agrarian themes and a growing spiritual



A lifelong sculptor, Anthony Frudakis began sculpting while still a child, soaking up his knowledge of the arts from his father, EvAngelos Frudakis, a sculptor, and his mother, Virginia, a painter.

Frudakis was born in Bellows Falls, Vermont, in 1953,
but soon after the family moved to southern New Jersey. When Frudakis graduated from high school, he discovered his love of sculpting at Duke University. After a year at the university, Frudakis returned home where he worked as an apprentice to his father for several years before attending the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts on scholarship. After graduation, he opened his studio in New Jersey before moving to Michigan in 1991 to teach at Hillsdale College.

A nationally recognized sculptor, Frudakis chooses to work in a modern, representational, yet classical mode, drawing inspiration from his Greek heritage and the genius of the Golden Age of Greek sculpting. Bronze figures, both human and animal, are his milieu. His works grace both private and public collections.


While in Michigan, he has created numerous monuments and sculptures depicting historical, mythological and spiritual figures that are displayed throughout the Midwest. Frudakis is listed in both Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in American Art. The National Sculpture Society and the National Academy of Design have both recognized his talent through top awards including the Gold Medal and the Daniel Chester French awards, respectively.


Frudakis and his wife live in Hillsdale and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the region and the camaraderie of colleagues, friends
and neighbors.


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